Fund Your Care

A young nurse helping an elderly gentleman out of bed.

Are you eligible for care services?
Do you need help with domestic duties?
Are you currently with a care provider or receive care?
Do you own your own home?

Home care services are not usually free. The amount you pay for your care depends on several factors including whether you are a homeowner, your income, how much savings you have etc. We can help you find out how to arrange homecare, how much you may have to pay and what financial support is available to you.

At Caregenics we can help to point you in the right direction in getting help with your care needs. Whatever your situation, we will conduct a thorough assessment which will highlight avenues of funding available to you. Once we have completed this assessment we will have a clearer picture of your care needs and financial positions and can direct you to organisations who can help you. We will do the hard work to ensure the advice we give is correct for your situation.

For a friendly chat about how you can fund your home care, contact us on 0121 7020191 for more information.

If you struggle with everyday tasks such as washing, cooking, getting dressed etc then you may need extra help at home. Please contact us for a care needs assessment. With your permission, a carer, doctor or nurse can also refer you for an assessment on you behalf.

Once we complete your care needs assessment, we will look at your income and savings for a financial means test. This will allow them to know how much you need to contribute towards the cost of your home care. For home care, the value of your property is not taken into account. Money from disability benefits and pensions may not be counted in the means test as well as certain types of capital.

After your means test you must be left with an income of £189.00 – the Minimum Income Guarantee. This figure is for those who are single and above Pension Credit qualifying age.

If you are entitled to support to pay for your home care, we can arrange home care for you or you can choose to receive direct payments and pay for home care yourself.

There may be other financial support for your home care but in the first instance, ensure you are claiming all eligible benefits you are entitled to.

Attendance Allowance is a benefit for those who need extra help to stay independent at home due to disability or illness. It is available for people over State Pension age.

Personal Independence Payments may be applicable if you are under State Pension age.

For those with a home carer, they may be eligible for Carer’s Allowance if they care for you at least 35 hours a week and get certain benefits (check eligibility here).

Please note: these benefits are not means-tested. They will not take into account your income and savings.