Supporting you when you need it most…

Caregenics Healthcare can provide care dementia care by supporting you with either visiting or live-in carers. We are here to play as big a role as you need us to and our home care service is designed to fit around any existing support and to complement any current treatment you or your loved one may be receiving.

We know every person’s needs are different therefore we will visit you to find out what will help you most. Initially, your care package might include:

  • Creation of memory aids inside your home.
  • Preparation of healthy meals.
  • Personal care such as medicine, bathing, dressing and toileting.
  • Light housework, for instance laundry and shopping.

Receiving specialist home care in familiar surroundings can hugely improve the lives of people with dementia conditions with help in areas such as cooking and cleaning or respite care for regular carers. Moreover, a care plan often means you are able to stay in your own home for longer.

Our carers can help with those everyday tasks that give a reassuring routine in familiar surroundings. Some of the benefits of this type of dementia care are:

  • Importantly, our dementia care services will allow you to stay in your own home, surrounded by any loved ones or pets you live with.
  • Also, our care services will help to free up you family from domestic tasks and allow you to spend more quality time together.
  • With the support of our home carers, you will be able to keep your independence.

For further information regarding dementia care please peruse the links below:

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