Comfortable and supportive palliative care

We take an empathetic and caring approach to all of the palliative care we provide, aiming to make you or your loved one as comfortable as possible with a holistic approach.

Caring for a dying person can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Whether you or your loved one choose to stay at home or a hospice, our experienced care givers are on hand to support those with a terminal diagnosis or a life limiting illness. Firstly, a respectful and sensitive assessment is undertaken which compassionately assesses every individuals needs. Moreover, we not only offer physical care, our home care givers will support emotional and psychological needs which can arise in such a situation.

The involvement of a support network of family and friends ensure that the care given is fully supportive and compassionate. It also ensures you or your loved one feel comfortable approaching end of life. Working closely with other health professionals, we ensure a smooth and holistic service is provided that offers peace of mind for everyone.

For further information about palliative care:

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