Personal Care at Home

Our professional and caring staff are able to provide a wide range of personal services allowing our clients to maintain their dignity and respect. Our services include:

Assisting clients with their personal hygiene – As a regulated activity, many aspects of personal care are required to be registered and are inspected and rated. We consider this service to consist of any aspect or any level of personal hygiene such as washing, bathing, continence care etc.

Assistance with dressing – this includes helping clients to get dressed and undressed and choosing appropriate clothing. We also give full support in dressing or just helping with socks or surgical stockings.

What is covered under this service?

A wide range of personal services are covered some of which are listed below:

  • We help with getting up in the morning, providing physical assistance if required
  • Should you need help getting dressed and undressed, our care staff will assist you
  • Our home carers will provide personal grooming such as cleaning teeth, shaving and applying creams
  • For washing, showering & bathing, our carers will provide as much or as little help required.
  • Finally, our carers will help with maintaining personal hygiene

Helping you at home

We also provide a home help service is which is for those who are a little more independent. For instance, you may only need help with gardening or doing the washing up for which we can provide the assistance needed. Having a helping hand at home to occasionaly do washing up or laundry allows you to maintain maximum independance whilst getting only the help you need.

Furthermore, with ongoing monitoring by our care givers and staff, we can increase or decrease the help required to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the services you receive.

For further reading about personal care and domicilliary care services:

Caregenics provide a wide range of domicilliary, home and personal care services. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.